Trickle Down Entertainment is a premier company for media creators to help make their project a success.  TDE offers a wide array of services consisting of music licensing and post productions for film, television, video games, and radio and TV commercials.

Trickle Down Entertainment (TDE) is a full-service post-production collective of independent entrepreneurs and recording artists. Our members have combined their resources to provide high-quality post production services for the entertainment and broadcasting industries. TDE specializes in building project-specific work teams that can fill all of your post production needs. We draw support from a large network of skilled freelancers who have extensive experience with providing post production services.  TDE teams consist of men and women who have invested in developing their own home studios and editing bays. All teams are required to have the latest professional software needed to successfully complete their job assignments. Our software capabilities mirror the software used by many of the major post house facilities in the San Fernando Valley area. TDE teams have the gear, the know-how and the experience to do most post production services. Our team members enjoy working with each other and, most of all, enjoy what they do.

TDE keeps it’s business overhead as small as possible to enable us to provide our services at a more competitive price than a traditional post house facility. We do not have to support the major expense of leasing office space which reduces our overhead substantially. Those savings are passed on to our clients in the form of reduced rates for our services. However, if the need for office space is warranted or required for a specific job, TDE can obtain suitable space within the Hollywood, LA and surrounding area on a project by project basis.

Our Services:

Editing, ADR/VO,  post audio, audio restoration and repair (Advanced RX4), color-correction (DaVinci system), green screen compositing, music composition and music licensing.



Find the right music to complement your project in our vast Music Vault or TDE can work with you to create a custom composition to give your project a distinctive touch. Whatever your audio needs are we can tailor to fit your vision. Want a more tailored flare for your video creation? The professionals at TDE have years of industry experience as to what types of music will drive your audience to cry, sigh, of fly off the seat of their pants! TDE understands the importance of pairing music to specific visual cues with custom sound design to capture the hearts and minds of your audience. Let us help architect the emotion for your vision with award-winning results.