Trickle Down Entertainment has a non-exclusive Music Licensing Division. TDE license music throughout the entertainment industry. We are currently seeking new submissions for our music library. If you would like to be considered for the TDE Music Vault, upload up to 6 Mp3’s, Be sure to choose which A&R Rep you have been working with, by checking the correct A&R box on the submissions page. We look forward to listening to your submissions. Recordings need to be at a professional quality. TDE has mixing and mastering engineers in house, if you need assistance remixing or mastering your songs.

When your music is played, you get paid! Artists keep 100% of the copyrights. TDE simply license the music on your behalf. TDE believes the artists should receive better than the Industry standard royalty split which is 50/50. We offer a 75/25 royalty split.  The artists keep 75% of the money collected and we keep 25%.

Be safe and protect your music!!

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