Life In Limbo

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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The Mission

Life In Limbo is a documentary of hope for people that suffer with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and others that have MS-like symptoms. We will be speaking with top doctors, researchers, holistic healers, nutritionists, and anyone that has something positive to bring to the community. We are hoping to connect people and information together to bridge the gaps of knowledge and experience with trial and error, in hopes to someday overcome this disease.

Through extensive research we will weed through the misinformation on groundbreaking procedures, challenge big pharmacy, bring the best options for relief, and ultimately drive awareness to foster a cure. Help us in this movement and let’s connect people, ideas, treatment, and hope. We hope to lend a hand to overcome this terrible disease that affects millions on our planet.

This project is solely funded by sponsorships from sponsors like you. We ask a simple sponsorship of 5 bucks. You can always sponsor at a higher level. We will have merchandise for you to shop for to show your support. We have some talented and loving sponsors in our network that are donating their goods and services to insure we can make the best documentary possible.

We will be creating a “Thank-You” wall displaying all the names of the people that help us along this journey.  We will release teasers throughout filming and when we finish we will link you to the finished film. Please become a part of this project and help us spread awareness and uncover new and promising treatments in the race for a cure. Thank you for taking the time to read this and give anything you can. If you can’t give money maybe you can help us in other ways. If all you can do for us is share this page on your social media pages that would be more than enough!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Business Owners

Business owners can advertise across all of our platforms or pick and choose the platforms that suits you best. We will work with just about any budget. Advertise in our blog, on our website, in our e-mailers, or support us by shopping from our affiliate partners. Stop by our Life in Limbo store and check out our merchandise. We will be doing a massive email, and social media campaign.  We are also looking to help companies by back-linking to each other for good SEO. Get your brand out to the masses behind a great cause! Let us help drive traffic and brand awareness to your business.

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorships will make Life In Limbo happen. Every dollar counts. The money will go to hiring production crews: producers, writers, directors, camera operators, DP’s, location sound mixers, gaffers, grip and electric crew, hair and makeup artists, PA’s, gear rentals, location cost, air travel, post production supervisors, composers, voice over talent, food, transportation, insurance, accountants, entertainment lawyers, marketing and advertising, expendables like hard drives, batteries, etc. Every dollar counts. Every share and like on your social media platforms count. Please get behind the making of Life in Limbo!

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The Stiltskins

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Pale Moon Remastered

The Stiltskins are donating their remastered CD for 5 dollar or more sponsorship pledge. 100% of the money will go towards the Life In Limbo documentary! Please donate and receive a free digital download of Pale Moon and help spread the word about MS. Keep an eye out in our Affiliate and Partners page.  We hope with your help we can help connect more and more minds to the MS community.

Lori Grannis Schubring

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Willowhawk Glass

Lori Grannis Schubring  is the creator of Willowhawk Glass. Lori will be donating 50% of all her sales to help fund Life In Limbo. If you would like to see her creations be sure to check out our site and buy a beautiful suncatcher or other products. Lori has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS). She is a major part of this documentary, in fact, she came up with the title “Life In Limbo”.

4K Drone Photography, LLC

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Aerial photography and film

4K Drone Photography is on board to help raise money for the Life In Limbo documentary. If you hire 4K Drone Photography any time in the year 2017 they will sponsor 25% of sales to the making of the documentary. 4K Drone Photography will also be donating their services for all the aerial filming for Life In Limbo. Visit their site at

Donate a service or product we can auction off!

We are determined to get this documentary out to the world. If you have something of value you don’t use anymore sell it on Ebay and buy something from our store to support our efforts.

Do you have a service you can donate to us? Are you in the film and TV industry? Would you consider a reduced rate for a days work? Are you an AirBnb host? Would you donate a night’s stay to our cause? We will be shooting all around the country. Every little bit helps. Do you have an idea we haven’t thought of? Please let us know! If you can’t do any of the above, would you at least share what we are doing over FB, Twitter, Google, and other social media? It would mean the world this project and what we are trying to accomplish.

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If money is tight and you can’t afford to sponsor us for 5 dollars but you would like to help out, you can use any of our affiliate  links when you shop for everyday things. Please buy through us. We receive a small portion from each sale. We also have links to great browser tools that save you money when you shop. You save and help us. Win, win!